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With a constant urge to travel it is important to be prepared with the essentials on any flight, whether it’s a short jet across the country or a long voyage across the Atlantic. We have come up with a list of a few essentials that will keep you entertained and prepared for anything on your next flight. 

Passport: Probably the most essential piece in your carry-on if you wish to start you adventure off right. 

Notebook & Pen: The perfect place to write up your travel plans, sketch a picture of your favourite destination or jot down any important notes.

Book: Nothing beats a book when it comes to entertainment. A novel that can transport you to another world or a non-fiction travel guide to inform you about your travel destination.

Headphones: A must have went it comes to travel. Whether they’re used for listening to a podcast on your flight or plugging in to your favourite summer playlist while exploring your destination. 

Sunglasses: ….DUH! Without a doubt a very important accessory in anyone’s carry-on. 

Chargers: Your phone won’t stay alive forever so always make sure you are prepared with chargers for any electrical items you plan on bringing on your travels. 

Jumper: Even if your destination is forecasted to be hot and sunny, sitting in a well air-conditioned aeroplane brings on the chills. Be prepared with an extra layer to put on and get cosy on your flight 

Face Wipes: These will be much needed, especially on a long-haul flight. They can be used to take your makeup off, clean your hands (or tray table) before a meal or refresh after a long flight. 

Face Mask: Following along from the wipes, a face mask can be used to bring some life and hydrations back into your skin after a long flight; not to mention it might get a you a few funny looks from other passengers. 

Snacks: Long or short flights snacks are always a must to have on hand. Whether you want something healthy like fruit or trail mix or maybe a little holiday treat like your favourite chocolate bar, it’s always important to keep energy levels high in order to have an exceptional trip! 

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