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Use masks and facial coverings to prevent your glasses from fogging.

Use masks and facial coverings to prevent your glasses from fogging.

Are your glasses fogged up when you use a face mask or any other type of face cover? Have you ever noticed the fogging of your glasses with each inhale?

Warm air escapes from your mask when you exhale. This warm air will cause fogging of the lenses. Condensation on glasses happens when warm air touches a cool surface such as your lenses.

These quick fixes will help you get rid of foggy lenses. Here are five tips to prevent your glasses from fogging.

Five ways to keep your glasses from fogging

1. Anti-fog glasses are available

Want to defog glasses quickly? Anti-fog lenses will make it easy to get rid of foggy glasses. This lens is great for wearing with masks or other face covers, so it’s a good option if you wear glasses for a long time. The anti-fog coating makes it easy to see clearly and allows you to go about your day without any fogginess. You don’t have to take off your glasses as often to remove the fog.

2. Put a mask around your face.

To prevent glasses from fogging, make sure the mask fits snugly around your cheeks and nose. An open mask lets exhaled oxygen escape straight into your glasses. A tight-fitting mask prevents that from happening.

A surgical mask that has a bendable wire at its top can be used to pinch your nose gently. Attach the mask to your glasses by tying them tightly.

You can weave a wire-based item through the top of a mask that does not have wires. You can use a twist tie or paperclip to make it fit your nose. You can close the nose gap by folding the wire inwardly away from your eyes.

Sticking medical tape across the nose bridge is a common technique used by surgeons who wear glasses and masks. A bandaid, fashion tape, or paper tape can also be used.

3. Put a tissue between your nose and the mask

Here’s a tissue to help you with your issue. To keep moisture down, you can place a paper towel or tissue inside your mask. Place a piece of tissue between your nose and mask by folding it into a long strip. The tissue will absorb and filter moisture from warm breath. This will prevent glasses from fogging up. Tape is a good option to hold the tissue in place once you have found the perfect placement.

4. Exhale downward

As you breathe, push the air down as you exhale. As if playing the flute, hold your upper lip above your lower lip to blow air down. This is a quick way to prevent foggy glasses from being worn while wearing the mask.

5. Adjust the nose pads of your glasses

You can adjust your glasses’ nose pads so that they are slightly farther away from your face. This allows hot air to escape and not be trapped between your eyes and the lenses of your glasses. It can prevent glasses from fogging. To pull the lenses away from your nose pad arms, gently pinch them.

This may be more appropriate for single vision glasses with low prescriptions. Adjusting the nose pads can slightly alter your vision if you have progressive lenses or high-prescription lenses. Your lenses should be as close as possible to your eyes.

Quickly and efficiently make Defog glasses.

Coastal’s anti-fog lenses will quickly defog your glasses. These lenses are specially designed to prevent glasses from fogging and provide clear vision even when wearing a mask or face over throughout the day.

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