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These Sunglasses for Women Will Sparkle in Your Eyes

These Sunglasses for Women Will Sparkle in Your Eyes

Let’s face facts: Even though they seem simple, sunglasses have sartorial shades. A pair of sunnies is a rare accessory that can rival its superpowers.

The best sunglasses for women can elevate your look, add intrigue and mystery to your outfit (there’s something instantly flirtatious and charming about dark shades), conceal accidental eye-rolls, protect your eyes from harmful U.V. rays allow you to spy on people at outdoor cafes.

Sunglasses are available in a variety of styles and in almost every colour. These range from modern updates to timeless classics to playful and colourful takes on traditional silhouettes. There are aviators for Top Gun-inspired glamour and oversized frames that can be boldly displayed, as well as retro designs that will make you feel more attractive.

Are you overwhelmed by all the sunnies available? Please take a look at our selection of the best sunglasses to buy for women. There are iconic aviators and trendy cat-eyes. We also have some functional and simple D-frames. Prescription glasses and sunglasses for tennis. You can also find sunglasses worn by celebrities and stars. What is the limit on how many pairs are too many?

Psssst Our roundup of the top sunglasses for men is hot to help make your style even cooler.

These are the 19 best sunglasses for women.

Rank           Brand Best

1 Randolph Amelia Overall, the best

2 Bottega Veneta Best luxury

3 Yesglasses Best value

4 Tomahawk The best for travelling

5 Ray-Ban Best aviators

6 Randolph Elinor Polarized best

7 Versace The best oversized

8 Author Best cat eye

9 Saint Laurent Best D-frame

10 Westward Leaning            Celebrities who approve     

11 Prada Best tortoiseshell

12 Celine Best mirrored

13 Ryland Best prescription

14 Le Specs Best round

15 Gentle Monster The best oval

16 Gucci Best square

17 Randolph Thaden Ideal for small faces

18 Chimi Best dark

19 TheraSpecs Ideal for sensitive eyes

To find out what to look for when buying a pair of sunglasses online, check out our special women’s sunglasses purchasing guide.

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Randolph Amelia: The best overall sunglasses for women

In our Randolph USA review, we already took a detailed look at why these shades are the best for this season. We’ll repeat it here. These sunglasses are among the most beautiful for women.

This pair is named for Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to solo across the Atlantic. We consider her a hero. We’re certain she would approve of these ultra-slim aviators, even though she wasn’t wearing Randolph’s at that time. Their teardrop silhouette is flattering for all faces and suits all shapes.

The AGX lens highlights the soothing yellow and green wavelengths to help reduce eye fatigue. They are also polarized to prevent glare and have anti-reflective, blue-light-filtering technology. They are eyewear that acts as protection for your eyes.

Bottega Veneta: The best luxury sunglasses for women

Although a premium price tag does not always mean impeccable quality and style, these Bottega Veneta shades certainly do.

These designer sunglasses are made of glossy black acetate and have a lovely sparkle. The temples feature polished gold hardware. This black-and-gold combination is timeless. These could be worn in fifty years and still be considered the pinnacle of style.

These Bottega Veneta colours are also a favourite of ours. They would fit almost all faces.

Yesglasses: The best value for women’s sunglasses

It’s not difficult to find cheap sunglasses. Cheap sunglasses can protect your eyes, but they also look great. Much rarer. This is why we’re raving about these Yesglasses Billie mirrored sunglasses–the best sunglasses for the money.

Many fashion styles have inspired this bold frame, including granny, geek-chick, hipster, and oversized. Modern square wire-rim frames instantly transform your appearance. You can choose from a variety of satin-finished colours, including grey, silver, gold and gold.

Tomahawk Neutralizers – The best women’s sunglasses for travel

You want sunglasses that are stylish yet affordable and can withstand a beach trip. Glasses that protect you from the sun’s harmful rays are also important. Meet the Tomahawk Neutralizers–the best sunglasses to travel with.

The Neutralizers are a modern take on the classic Wayfarer style with that distinctive trapezoidal shape we all love. These are versatile and can be worn anywhere, whether you’re at the beach with a stunning sun hat or out on a city trip with your designer bag.

These Tomahawk Nuralyzers frames are injection-moulded and lightweight. FDA-approved smoke lenses reduce blinding brightness. They are impact-resistant and will withstand the occasional bang. Lastly, UV400 Protection ensures your eyes are safe.

Ray-Ban RB3025 – Best aviators to women

We believe that every woman should have a list of things to do, including wearing pay-of-Ray-Bans. It’s a right of passage. These are our favourites, which is a big surprise considering that every pair in the brand’s catalogue has us reaching for our credit cards.

These Ray-Bans 3025s are the best aviator sunglasses we have ever seen for women. They feature stylish tear-shaped lenses that offer a modern twist on the iconic pilot silhouette. The slim frame and double bridge of these sunglasses won’t overwhelm smaller faces. The frame is extremely durable and made from hard-wearing metal.

These Ray-Ban glasses were created for U.S. pilots back in 1937. They have an understated, utilitarian feel that would look great on a floral dress or an ultra-feminine outfit.

Randolph Elinor Fusion – Best polarised

Polarized lenses reduce horizontal glare and are a must-have accessory for anyone on the road or planning to visit the beach or snowy mountains. The Elinor Fusion by Randolph is the best-polarized sunglasses we have found for women.

Jackie O’s iconic oversized shades inspire the brand’s Elinor sunglasses. They offer elegance and style that is immediately apparent. They are made with high-end Mazzucchelli Acetate, and they look great.

Grey tint lenses by the brand are polarised and offer maximum colour and contrast regardless of light and terrain conditions. They are also anti-reflective as well as blue-light filtering.

If you are looking for premium eye protection and legendary style, these Randolph Elinor Fusion glasses are the right choice.

Versace: The best-oversized sunglasses for women

A pair of oversized sunglasses is the best way to express glamourpuss. This Versace tortoiseshell Versace pair is our favourite. These are the perfect way to win a table at the most exclusive and overbooked restaurant in town.

These trendy sunglasses are perfect for round faces, as they complement square faces and help define and enhance curves. In Italy, these frames are made from tortoiseshell acrylic and offer warmth and glow, perfect for warm summer nights.

These Versace sunglasses have the instantly recognizable Medusa logo and the ‘Greca’ motif along the arms. This will let anyone in the vicinity know that you have a great (and expensive!) taste.

Author: Best cat eye sunglasses

We’re not complaining that the cat-eye trend isn’t going anywhere. We love the vintage feel, and the shape is universally flattering.

These elongated, Author-designed cat-eye frames, called Paloma (which means ‘dove and peace’), are the perfect way to nail that 90s style of cool. Do these shades allow you to have a more positive view of the world? This is what we like to believe.

Author sunglasses are made in Australia using only European materials, including cellulose acetate. To create unique and ethical designs, the independent eyewear brand combines traditional style with slow fashion principles (such as transparency in supply chains) to deliver innovative and ethical designs. These Author Paloma sunglasses are limited edition, and you will feel like a part of a select group.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Pair of Women’s Sunglasses

There are many things you should consider when choosing sunglasses for women. It would be best if you determined which style would best suit your face.

Different shades for different face shapes

Take a look at the mirror to determine the shape and size of your face. Round faces have a soft, curved appearance with a narrow jaw, forehead, and chin. Square faces are symmetrical and wider than their length, with a broad forehead and a prominent jawline. Oval faces have a longer forehead and a narrower jaw. A heart-shaped face is one with a large forehead, broad cheekbones and small jaw.

These are the top styles that suit your face shape best:

  • Square faces – round sunglasses are best for softening your sharp jawline and angles. You might also consider cat-eye sunglasses.
  • Round faces – Choose square or rectangular frames for more definition. You can also choose from butterfly-shaped sunglasses.
  • Faces with heart-shaped faces Cat-eye frames and aviators are both great for you. They will soften your chin while not accentuating your forehead.

Oval faces – Most sunglasses will fit you. If you want to emphasize your contours and angles, or if you prefer to soften them, choose square frames. Avoid frames that are larger than your largest part.

Sunglasses features

Once you have decided on the right style, you can consider other features such as:

  • Polarization – Polarized lenses reduce the glare from horizontal surfaces like roads, water, snow, and other road surfaces. This will help you see better.
  • U.V. protection– Look for sunglasses that offer 100% or UV400 UV protection. This is the highest level possible of U.V. protection.
  • Nosepad Some sunglasses include nose pads, which offer additional comfort.
  • Anti-scratch lens – Lenses with an anti-scratch coating are more durable and harder.
  • Material– Look for durable materials like acetate, which is light, hypoallergenic and strong. Or TR90, which is flexible and lightweight and bends under pressure.

How to tell if your sunglasses are suitable

These are our top tips for making sure your sunglasses fit your face.

  • Your sunglasses should not be squeezed or twisted.
  • Your eyebrows natural arch should be reflected in your frames, but they shouldn’t be too high.
  • Your eyes should be directly in the centre of the lens.
  • Sunglasses that pinch your nose or cause irritation are not recommended. You don’t want the glasses to be too large, as they can cause irritation and chafe.
  • Are the arms parallel to? While you don’t want to bow, the sunglasses shouldn’t slope forward.
  • Are the sunglasses properly fitting your ears? If the sunglasses are too large, your head will likely jiggle.
  • When you blink, your eyelashes should not touch the lens or frame.


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