Sun lenses on the Road // Be Safe with Essilor Sun Solution & FIA

Sun lenses on the Road // Be Safe with Essilor Sun Solution & FIA

A three-year partnership has been formed between Essilor and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. The goal is to promote road safety. It is intended to raise awareness about the importance of having a good vision for road safety. Recent statistics show that 3.500 people die every day in traffic accidents. 46% of those killed on roads around the world are pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, or passengers of motorbikes. 10 to 12% are believed to be caused by vision problems. Good vision is essential for road safety. It is the most important sense of five when it comes to making decisions behind the wheel.

The 12 Golden Rules are FIA’s guidelines for road users. These tips are intended to increase road safety. These tips remind everyone that they are not the only ones on the road, no matter what mode of transport they use. They must remember that all road users and passengers are important. Essilor(r), Sun Solution (TM), is also participating in the project. This awareness campaign promotes sunglass lenses that can adequately reduce blinding glare and improve visual comfort. Road safety does not only apply to motorists, bikers and cyclists. A clear vision for pedestrians can save lives!

Essilor(r), Sun Solution(TM), provides stylish sun lenses made with the latest technology, specifically designed for road users. For runners and cyclists, Essilor (r) Sun Solution(TM). recommends ESUN VARIA(TM), photochromic technology that adapts to any light conditions, providing comfort as well as versatility. E-SUN POLARFUN(TM 85 lenses reduce blinding glare and allow LCD screens to be readable for bus and car drivers.

Our E-SUN(TM), KOLOR (TM) lenses improve color contrast. This makes traffic signals more visible, increasing safety for pedestrians and motorcycle riders and allowing you to live life to the fullest. A wide variety of E-SUN (TM), MAGICOAT (TM) colors have been created to enhance the look and efficiency of your lenses.

Remember to keep your eyes open, regardless of whether you’re a pedestrian or driver.

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