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Here are 8 simple tips to keep your eyes healthy

Here are 8 simple tips to keep your eyes healthy

Your eyes are irreplaceable. Your windows to the outside world are what they are. They are delicate and require careful care. Your eyesight can be affected by many factors, including age, pollution, stress, poor diet, and other factors. Although you cannot stop the ageing process, you can slow down its progression. You can avoid many other problems by taking a few steps.

8 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy –

Regular Eye Check-ups You need to visit an ophthalmologist/optometrist at least once a year. You will be given a series of tests to assess your vision and health. These tests will determine if you need to get new glasses or prescriptions.

Myopia is a growing problem, particularly among children. Regular eye exams are the best way for myopia prevention. Regular eye exams can prevent myopia, retinal detachment, and cataracts.

2. Healthy Diet to the Rescue

This is a proven way to keep your eyes healthy. Certain foods can improve your eyesight and reverse the signs of ageing. Make sure your diet includes –

  • Omega 3 fatty acids rich oily fishes such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and anchovies, herring, etc.
  • There are many nuts and seeds such as walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, cashews, and cashews.
  • Orange-coloured foods include carrots, squashes, cantaloupes, red peppers, yellow bell peppers, and red peppers.
  • Soybeans, eggs, and milk products are all good options for vegetarian protein.
  • All leafy green vegetables, including spinach, kale, and collards.

Healthy eating habits can also help reduce your risk of getting obese, hypertension or diabetic, leading to causes of eye problems.

Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) found that certain nutrients such as copper, zinc and Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of eye disease.

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking can cause cataracts and damage your lungs. Smoking can cause macular degeneration and damage to your optic nerve. Talk to a therapist if you’re a chain smoker who finds it difficult to quit.

Smoking increases your risk of dry eye syndrome, age-related macular damage, and glaucoma.

Uveitis, an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye’s cornea, can also be caused by Smoking. Studies show that smokers are at greater risk of eye deterioration than non-smokers.

4. Wear Sunglasses

When you are out in the sun, it is important to have shades. The UV rays can damage your eyes from the sun. They can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and even temporary blindness. Shades are a great way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

You will need to take extra precautions if your job requires you to stare at a screen for more than 8 hours.

  1. Your eyes need a break.

Every 30 minutes, turn your head away from the screen. Keep your eyes open for 15 seconds. Next, open your eyes and blink quickly. This will give you a layer of moisture.

Computer vision syndrome is when you work in front of a computer screen all day and don’t take the time to clean your eyes. This can cause eye strain, blurry eyes, and discomfort.

6. Exercise for the eye

Do a simple exercise with your eyes at regular intervals. For 15 seconds, staring at a distant object. Then, move your gaze to a closer object and continue staring at it for 15 seconds. This cycle can be repeated 4-5 times.

To avoid unnecessary strain and discomfort, make it a habit of doing this regularly.

7. Protective gear

Blue light is a dangerous ray that computer screens emit. You can either attach an antiglare cover to your computer’s screen or use antiglare glasses to reduce the blue light.

When outdoors, use safety glasses or eye protection. Goggles should be worn when necessary. Eyewashes are important for keeping your eyes safe.

8. Modify the Lighting

You should ensure that your office space is not too bright. If possible, turn some off. Do not sit with your back against a window as your screen will reflect any light entering through it. You can adjust the brightness of the computer to match the room’s lighting.

Do not take your eyes for granted. They are priceless. A good night of sleep is crucial for good eye health. Your eyes are dependent on your sleep. If you are prone to touching your eyes frequently, keep your hands clean. These tips will help you keep your eyes healthy.

Disclaimer: This site contains information that is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the medical treatment provided by a healthcare professional. The reader should consult their doctor to determine if the information is appropriate for them.

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