Driving in the sun can cause driver anxiety. Glare from the sun isn’t just a problem in summer. It can also be a problem all year. You should be aware of glares from windows, rain, and low sunlight in winter. These glares can lead to temporary blindness, which we should avoid. Wearing the correct eyewear and lenses can prevent this. 

What is the best type of lens for driving?

It all depends on the brand you choose to shop on our website. We carry the top optical brands, including Ray-Ban and Nikon, Essilor and Oakley. We also have our Fashion Eyewear Packages. We recommend high-quality lenses if you are wearing your glasses daily. To make your glasses more practical for driving, you can add your coating.


An anti-glare coating is recommended, as they are ideal for driving without reflection. This coating can be applied to all lenses and will remove any sunlight or headlights that could cause vision problems.


The SeeCoat Drive coating must be added to any Nikon lens. This lens is designed for drivers who spend a lot of time on the roads. It is versatile and wearable at any time of the day.


We also recommend polarised lenses. Polarised lenses are great for driving because they reduce glare from sunlight on horizontal surfaces like roads, water, and snow. A polarized lens can also provide 100% UV protection, which can reduce eye strain.

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