What does it look like to have eye problems?

Eye Trouble Signs to Watch Out For These are all common problems. Each of these could be harmless or a sign of early disease. It cannot be easy to distinguish between the two. If you notice changes in your vision, it is important to see your eye doctor immediately. Color Blindness Test What number can you see to the left? […]

How to Get Relief from Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are more than uncomfortable. It can also affect your vision. Simple actions and treatments can provide relief for your eyes. Get More Tears Every time you blink, your natural tears soak and soothe your eyes. Your eyes can become dry if you don’t make enough tears or if they evaporate too quickly. If dry eyes aren’t treated, they can become infected. Healthy tears are […]

Are Reading Glasses Required?

Your eyes are affected by age, just as it affects your joints. Your natural lenses become less flexible as you get older. They aren’t able to focus as well from close to distant vision as when they were younger. Your close vision becomes more difficult as your eyes become less flexible. This condition is called presbyopia and can make it difficult to see if you require […]

How to keep your eyes healthy

Your eyes are not to be taken for granted. These are some easy ways to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Take Good Care of Yourself Your eye health begins with what you eat. Vitamins C and E, lutein and zinc, and omega-3 fatty acid, lutein and zinc may help prevent age-related vision problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and lutein. You can […]

Why is your vision blurry?

It would be best if you had glasses. If your eyeball looks more like an egg or your cornea isn’t perfectly curved, the light won’t be able to focus in the right place. This can cause blurred vision (astigmatism) or a reduced ability to see clearly at certain distances (nearsighted, farsighted). These “refractive errors”, also known as nearsightedness and farsightedness, […]

Diabetes and Eye Problems

How diabetes affects your eyes High blood sugar (glucose) is the main problem. Diabetes is when your body doesn’t properly make or use insulin. This raises blood sugar. This can cause fluid loss in your eye areas that aid you in focusing. Sometimes you may not notice any symptoms or blurry vision for several days or weeks. It will usually […]

Are your eyes affected by diabetes?

Yes. If you have diabetes, it is important to schedule regular eye doctor appointments. High blood sugar may lead to blurry vision and cataracts. It can also cause retinopathy, Glaucoma, Glaucoma and blurry eyes. Diabetes is the main cause of blindness among adults aged 20-74. Blurry Vision If you notice blurred vision, don’t rush to buy new glasses. This could be due to a minor problem such as […]

What is the cause of my eyes watery?

Is There Something in Your Eye? 1 /10 Your body will make more tears to flush out any dirt, dust or particles that get in your eyes. This reaction can be triggered by even small particles, such as chemicals in onions or smoke, and is not visible. After the problem is resolved, your eyes will stop watering. However, other eye conditions […]

Dry eyes and allergies: What you need to know

According to the old saying, the eyes can be the windows to the soul. This “window” may need some attention if you have dry eyes. You can feel and look better, regardless of the allergic problem. Dry eyes, also known as “dry eye”, are a common problem. Dry eyes are more common after 50 years of age, and more women report it […]

Eye Floaters: What Causes It? How to Treat It?

Eye floating in small dots that move through your field of vision. These may be visible if you look at bright objects like a white paper or blue skies. They may be annoying, but they shouldn’t distract from your vision. A large floater can create a shadow on your vision. This happens only with certain types of light. You can learn to live […]