Healthy Foods to Help Your Eyes Stay Healthy

A healthy, balanced diet is essential to keep your eyes healthy and reduce the risk of developing eye conditions. You can avoid serious eye conditions by eating antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, minerals and other nutrients. A healthy diet can help prevent the following eye conditions: Cataracts can cause cloudy vision Age-related macular disease, which can cause vision loss, can affect your […]

Ten Habits that Hurt Your Eyes

Do your daily habits cause eye strain and blurred vision? Many little things can lead to vision loss, pain, discomfort, or even total blindness. Below, discover which bad habits can be causing vision damage. Rubbing Your Eyes Itchy eyes can be annoying. However, rubbing your eyes will only make the problem worse. It is possible to put too much pressure […]

Take Good Care of Your Eyes

To prevent or reduce vision problems, it is important to visit your eye doctor regularly. Blurred vision, halos and blind spots are all common eye problems. Blurred vision is a loss of sharpness in vision and the inability to see small details. Scotomas are dark areas in the visual field that cannot be seen. Floaters are tiny bits of protein […]

How to keep your eyes healthy

Your eyes are not to be taken for granted. These are some easy ways to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Take Good Care of Yourself Your eye health begins with what you eat. Vitamins C and E, lutein and zinc, and omega-3 fatty acid, lutein and zinc may help prevent age-related vision problems such as Macular Degeneration, cataracts, and lutein. […]

Here are 8 simple tips to keep your eyes healthy

Your eyes are irreplaceable. Your windows to the outside world are what they are. They are delicate and require careful care. Your eyesight can be affected by many factors, including age, pollution, stress, poor diet, and other factors. Although you cannot stop the ageing process, you can slow down its progression. You can avoid many other problems by taking a […]

Eye Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Eye Care Tips Your eyes are what help you see the world. You cannot compromise their safety, no matter the circumstances. Preventive care for your eyes can be delayed by the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. Therefore, you need to take extra precautions to protect them from this highly infectious virus. These are some of the recommended preventive measures. However, it is not […]

How Smoking Harms Your Eyes

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of premature death and disease in the United States. It can damage almost every organ of your body, including your eyes. While the adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes such as cancer and heart disease are well-known, sight-threatening vision problems and other eye problems are generally less well-known. Here are some more reasons to […]

What Does Alcohol Do To Your Vision?

Your body can be affected by alcohol in many ways. These include immediate effects and long-term effects. Alcohol can cause harm to your body, regardless of whether you drink a few or if you suffer from an addiction. This can also affect your eyesight and vision. Even after a single drink, vision can become blurred. Our bodies are limited in […]